ABC/Lou RoccoAfter launching an intense body image debate at last year’s Grammys, Bebe Rexha is opening up about how it’s changed the way she interacts with fans and her haters.

The “I’m a Mess” singer appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show Monday and the two aired their grievances about the fashion industry.  Kelly instantly brought up Bebe’s past Instagram message about the Grammys where the singer fumed over the difficulties of finding a designer willing to dress someone not runway size.

Rexha stated she’s a size eight in that video, but sheepishly clarified, “Size eight on a good day, you know what I’m talking about?”

Clarkson teased back while rolling her eyes, “Yeah, the burden of size eight… it’s so hard. The burden.”

The two then commiserated on designer clothes, especially when dealing with fittings.  “Nothing fits in fittings!”  Bebe griped, explaining that everything she is supposed to try on is a size 0.  “I can’t even get it on one leg,” She exclaims, “It doesn’t fit and then I put it on and then I rip it and then I gotta buy it.”

Kelly quickly clarified that their rant isn’t directed at “skinny people” but at the fashion industry’s bias against bigger girls and the pressure all women face to be a certain size.

Bebe revealed that she has completely changed the way she interacts with fans at her shows, which consist mainly of younger girls and their mothers.  She reveals, “Every night at my show, I say ‘I don’t care what anybody has told you. A number doesn’t define you.’ I think it’s really important for my fans to know I’m not trying to be that.”

Rexha is currently on her You Can’t Stop the Girl world tour, which wraps December 15 in Los Angeles.

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