As Backstreet Boys prepare to release their ninth studio album “Chances” this week, the group reveals how they’ve managed to stay relevant 25 years on.  The key, they tell Us Weekly, is not being too proud to take some pointers from the younger generation of artists.

“The industry has changed,” Kevin Richardson says. “There’s so much content out there and the cycles are much faster; people have much shorter attention spans and we’re aware of that. I think the new generation of artists are keenly aware of that and they create content, create content, create content.”

Nick Carter adds, “And we’re thinking of that too. Just because we’ve been here 25 years and they’re the younger generation, doesn’t mean we can’t learn from them and learn from the industry itself. We’re definitely paying attention.”

They even enlisted one of those younger artists, Shawn Mendes, to write a song for their new album.  Their current single “Chances” was penned by Shawn and OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder.

But while the group knows what they need to do to keep up with the times, they also know what kind of music will always work for them.

“We’re staying in our lane,” Brian Littrell says of their pop music roots. “We’ve accepted what we are, and we stick to that — that’s what caused all the success from the past.”

DNA, featuring their Grammy-nominated song “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” comes out Friday.

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