(LOS ANGELES) — Avengers: Endgame is already breaking records, on its way to what is sure to be a record-shattering opening weekend.

The 22nd movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe earned $60 million during Thursday night sneak previews in the States alone, breaking the previous sneak-peek record holder, 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which made $57 million.

Globally, Endgame has already topped $300 million and counting — including a best-ever $107 million opening day in China on Tuesday alone; Captain America and company have added nearly $50 million to the coffers in the Middle Kingdom since.

The current opening weekend high-water mark for North America was set a year ago when Avengers: Infinity War launched with $257.7 million. Endgame is expected to snap that record into dust, Thanos-style, come Monday.

The film from directors Joe and Anthony Russo is performing very well in other overseas markets, too:  Variety puts its to-date total so far in the U.K. at $15.3 million after today’s opening day across The Pond.

The movie has become such a hot topic that a worker in London’s subway system took the time to post the following service warning: “Customers, please do not discuss any AVENGERS ENDGAME spoilers on our trains or around our air stations.”

The hand-drawn message was followed by the hashtags “#ThanosIsWatching” and “#DontSpoilTheEndgame”.

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