Walt Disney Television/Paula LoboAfter her summer tour with Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara kicks off a solo headlining U.S. tour Monday night.  Alessia says she’s still not sick of performing her breakout 2015 hit “Here” in concert — but she can’t say the same about some of her other early songs.

“I definitely try to change it up, not even for me, but for the people. I don’t think anyone wants to hear the same thing over and over,” Alessia says of “Here.”

“I don’t get sick of it, to be honest. I think that’s one of the songs I’ll always enjoy playing,” she adds. “But there are some songs off the first album that I do get a little sick of, that I wish I maybe wrote a bit differently or…took some more time on.”

“But I think that’s normal for everybody,” notes Alessia. “I was 16 when we made that [album], so [the songs are] bound to be in a different place than where I’m at now.”

Alessia’s touring in support of her sophomore album The Pains of Growing, but there’s one song she needs to perform live that isn’t on either of her albums:  “How Far I’ll Go,” her end credit theme for the Disney movie Moana.

“It’s so funny. I did not think that song was going to do what it has done,” she laughs. “Kids everywhere are obsessed with it. That’s what so many people solely know me for. I don’t think a lot of people know that I’m an artist outside of Disney!”

But there’s one drawback:  “A lot of people think I’m Moana!” Alessia admits.

“Little kids have come up to me….like, “You were so good in that movie. I love you!” And I have to pretend that I’m her for a short period of time.”

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