duncan1890/iStock(NEW YORK) — Apple reportedly shelled out big bucks to secure the rights for A Christmas Carol, a new live-action musical based off the Charles Dickins’ classic that will star Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell.

Variety reports there was a major bidding war over the film, which included Warner Bros., Paramount, and Netflix.  In the end, Apple offered the most money and has since entered into final negotiations.

Sources to Variety claim Apple’s offer “blew everyone out of the water.”  The exact amount is currently unknown.

Deal aside, the tech giant is already expected to pay over $60 million in talent alone.  In early negotiations, Reynolds asked for $27 million — but sources say the price tag has been stretched to $35 million.

Ferrell is reportedly asking for $25 million or more.

In addition, writer-directors Sean Anders and John Morris are asking for $10 to $15 million.

The inflated salaries are partially due to the film being streaming-only, meaning it will not have a theatrical run.  To secure such big names, Variety explains that streaming services inflate pay to attract talent.

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