Ben Rothstein/Netflix – © 2018 Vinton Productions. All rights reserved. (NEW YORK) — Breaking Bad is back, baby! The Breaking Bad spinoff movie El Camino is out today on Netflix.

The film shows us what happens to Aaron Paul’s character, meth cook Jesse Pinkman, immediately after the events of the explosive finale six years ago. The Emmy-winner tells ABC Audio he never thought he’d ever play the role again, but it was like “revisiting an old friend I care deeply about.”

“It was a great run, man,” Paul says of the series’ five seasons. “It was such a wild journey for everybody… And so we were so blessed that it had happened, that we were a part of it. We were also incredibly OK with saying goodbye and unzipping these skins and never putting them on again.”

But ultimately, it was Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan who convinced Paul to dive back in. Gilligan wrote and directed El Camino, something Paul says should reassure fans that they’ll be satisfied.

“Vince directed the whole damn thing and I think he did such a beautiful job,” Paul says. “I mean, he cares more about Breaking Bad than anyone on the planet. So [if] you’re a fan of the show, you’ve got to just trust in Vince and just know you’re gonna be a fan of this.”

As for whether we’ll see any more Jesse Pinkman adventures in the future, Paul says never say never.

“Vince gave me a career and so…if Vince asked me to do anything I would say yes without question,” Paul says. 

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