ABC/Eric McCandless(NEW YORK) — Looks like Zooey Deschanel and Property Brothers‘ Jonathan Scott are cooking up a brand new Christmas tradition.  They baked Christmas cookie clones of themselves.

On Instagram, the HGTV star showed off their sugary concoctions.  “When you surround yourself with amazing, creative people…the result is magical,” he happily captions along a photo of the two smiling proudly while holding up their cookie Christmas-inspired lookalikes.

The treats look equally adorable as they do delicious, too, as they’re decorated wearing Elf on the Shelf inspired hats and white ruffles.  The two also elegantly wrote their names in brown icing on the hats.

It also appears that a handful of people partook in the Christmas cookie bake-off. Jonathan’s brother, JD Scott, sweetly wrote, “Was a really nice night.”  However, it was JD’s wife, Annalee Belle, who happily gushed about everything that happened at their adorable Saturday get-together.

She revealed in the comments section, “Seeing all the Super Troopers is so good” and added “Loved finally getting some chill time all together!” 

Then, on her Instagram stories, she showed off her impressively decorated pink-haired cookie twin, alongside JD.  “And how cute are these cookies?!  Def going to be getting more of these made for future things,” she excitedly captioned.

Belle continued praising Zooey on her stories, thanking the New Girl actress for her “amazing dinner.”  She also cheekily commented in a photo of JC holding up a vintage reindeer cup that “I think [my husband’s] favorite was this mushroom-free gravy and the little mug it was served in.”

Here’s hoping Zooey publishes her HGTV-star approved gravy and clone cookies soon. 

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