Source: YouTube

Well that’s not something you see every day!

Picture this:  A guy in Nebraska got pulled over Wednesday morning . . . for driving down the highway with a LARGE BULL riding shotgun in his car. They weren’t in a truck.  It was an old Ford Crown Victoria sedan (looks like an old police cruiser) from the ’90s that he modified ESPECIALLY SO THE BULL COULD RIDE IN IT. He’s not a normal bull either.  It was an African breed called a Watusi bull that have massive horns and weigh up to 1,600 pounds.  The car’s shocks seemed to handle it just fine. Lee Meyer was driving his buddy and he’s from a small town 30 miles from where he got stopped.  

Oh…and the bull has a name because of course he does…Howdy Doody. And with the way he was positioned,  the back-right portion of the car was covered in Howdy’s ACTUAL doody. A sign on the side said it was judged the “Best Car Entry” at an event last month called Nebraska’s Big Rodeo Parade.  So maybe he was just proud and wanted to show it off some more.

He could have gotten a ticket because Howdy’s horns was hanging a good two feet off the side, and could have hit another car driving by. But in the end, they decided to let him off with a warning, and told him to just take the bull home.