The Cascade Mountains are anticipating a significant snowfall beginning Tuesday evening, marking the heaviest mountain snowfall of the season.

Travelers intending to pass through the Cascade passes should be prepared for winter driving conditions, cautioned KGW meteorologist Rod Hill.

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory effective from 5 p.m. on Tuesday until 5 p.m. on Wednesday. Snow levels may drop to as low as 4,000 feet on Tuesday evening, and mountain passes could experience three to six inches of snow.

Hill advised, “Especially if you’re traveling over the high country — going back and forth between the valley, the coast, or central Oregon — be prepared for sticking snow and icy roadways at times tonight and tomorrow morning, and tomorrow during the day.”

The ski areas near Mount Hood are expected to receive over a foot of snow, while elevations at 5,000 feet and higher may see six to 12 inches of snow.

Furthermore, another storm is predicted to arrive on Thursday, ensuring that the snowfall continues. In contrast, the Willamette Valley is expected to encounter scattered rain showers.

In a separate weather update, Hill mentioned that some parts of the Willamette Valley should anticipate cold and frosty mornings during the weekend. Low temperatures are projected to reach the low 30s on Friday.

Hill stated, “Depending on what the wind is, we’ll see how low temperatures go. But if you live in a spot where you don’t get east winds much, you absolutely should expect a hard freeze maybe Saturday morning but certainly Sunday and Monday,” and added that temperatures could drop as low as 28 degrees.