BMG Rights Management GmBH(NEW YORK) — When he’s not starring in TV shows like 24 and Designated Survivor, Kiefer Sutherland is also a musician who tours the world, performing his original country-rock tunes for thousands of fans.  He’s just released a deluxe version edition of his latest album, Reckless & Me. Sutherland tells ABC Audio that being a musician is kinda like being an actor…just in a different way.

“What I love about acting is getting together with a group of actors, a director and a cinematographer and [saying] ‘What’s the best way we can tell this story?’” he explains. “Well, get a good song…and get the band together and a producer…[and you say], ‘What’s the best way we’re going to tell this story?’”

But Sutherland was surprised to learn that in concert, he couldn’t rely on his acting experience, because his music is all about honesty.

I’m not Jack Bauer. I’m not President Kirkland,” he says. “Those are all characters…People might think that they know you, but they really don’t.”

He laughs, “And now all of a sudden, you’re sitting in front of 500 strangers saying, ‘This is about the first time I ever had my heart broken.’”

Now, as a seasoned performer, Sutherland says if you come to his concerts just to see if he’s terrible — or just because you love his TV shows — it’s all good.

“I’m so grateful anybody shows up at all,” he says. “You’re a fan of 24 and that’s why you came out? Thank you very much….for giving us two hours of your time to let us try and turn you on to the music.”

“In the end, I don’t care why you come out,” he admits. “I’m very proud of our show and…I think you’ll have a good time.” 

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