What Should You Do While You’re Stuck at Home? Nothing!

What should you do while you’re stuck at home riding out the coronavirus pandemic? How about nothing? “We can’t distract ourselves out of this emergency,” writes Charles McNulty in The Los Angeles Times. “Rather than cram myself with books, movies and TV shows while under self-imposed house arrest, I’m prepared to settle into the boredom to see what illumination I might find there.” Read more HERE.

Meanwhile, Lifehacker senior health editor Beth Skwarecki writes, “There’s no reason to expect this to be a relaxing, productive time. If diving into a hobby or project helps you deal with stress, that’s great! Dive away! But you are under absolutely no obligation to make use of this difficult time, nor to feel guilty about ‘wasting’ it. Take care of yourself, and let yourself off the hook. Read more HERE.