Courtesy BillboardLast month Courteney Cox posted a photo of herself and Lisa Kudrow with, randomly, writer/director Judd Apatow and Charlie Puth.  Except it wasn’t actually so random: Cox and Puth had met while recording an episode of’s new feature, Quizzed, which you can watch online now.

Quizzed features music stars being asked trivia questions about their favorite TV shows by the stars of those shows.  In the new episode, Courteney grills Charlie on Friends trivia. She starts by asking Charlie true or false questions, then moves on to more specific questions, such as, “When Ross and Rachel were on a break, Ross spent the night with Chloe. Where does Chloe work?” 

In the final round, Charlie has to identify which character said specific quotes from the show.

While Charlie doesn’t get every question correct, he does well enough that Courteney presents him with the ultimate Friends memento: The Geller Cup, which she says she’s kept next to her bed ever since the show wrapped.  Charlie literally starts crying at the sight of the memento, which is actually “a Troll doll nailed to a two-by-four,” as Chandler once put it.

After the game is over, Charlie serenades Courteney with the Friends theme song — but their interaction didn’t end there.  According to a spokesperson for Quizzed, after the shoot, Courteney told Charlie, “We should hang out sometime.”  A few days later, that picture appeared on Instagram, and Cox later confirmed that she and Charlie are now real-life Friends.

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