TAS Rights ManagementWant to see how Taylor Swift‘s brain works?  Check out her latest behind-the-scenes video, which shows how she put together her new holiday hit, “Christmas Tree Farm,” in just five days.

The video begins with a December 1 FaceTime message that shows Taylor, who’s not wearing makeup, talking about her idea for the song.

“It’s about how you’re in the city and you’re stressed out and your life is feeling, like, low, but in your heart is a Christmas Tree Farm,” she explains.  She then plays a rough version of the bouncy, upbeat part of the verse, and then starts describing how she wants the song to start slow.

Next, it’s December 2 and Taylor’s working on the idea with co-writer Jimmy Napes.  By this time, she’s got the slow beginning of the song all worked out, and Jimmy just adds a chord or two.

Then we see Taylor recording a rough version of the song with Jimmy playing the piano. “It’s good to document these things,” she comments.

Next, Taylor’s in a studio with a full gospel choir, all adding their parts to her already-recorded vocals.   We also see the choir singing a cappella in a corner of the studio.

Finally, we see Taylor and her collaborators gathered together.

“Hi, we’re done!  With the song!”  she announces breathlessly.  “We’re gonna put it out. Hope you like our Christmas song!  Merry Christmas!”

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