Watch Post Malone get his butt kicked by Mark Wahlberg in new trailer for ‘Spenser Confidential’

NetflixWe all know Post Malone, the Grammy-nominated, chart-topping musician. Now meet Austin Post, actor.

Posty, under his birth name Austin Post, stars in a new Netflix action comedy called Spenser Confidential.  Based on the Boston detective character created by Robert B. Parker in a series of best-selling novels, and later dramatized in a 1980s ABC TV show, the movie stars Mark Wahlberg as Spenser and Black Panther‘s Winston Duke as Hawk. 

Spenser’s an ex-cop who’s sent to prison after being framed by the bad guys he was investigating. When he gets out, his old boxing coach, Henry, played by Alan Arkin, introduces him to Hawk, a promising MMA fighter played by Duke.  Spenser and Hawk then team up to investigate the murder of two of Spenser’s former colleagues.

As for Post, he appears early on in the trailer as a convict, who goads Spenser into a fight, right as Spenser’s  about to be released from prison.  As Post and his prison buddies are getting dragged away by guards, he needles Spenser, declaring “Gotcha!” 

Later in the trailer, Spenser talks to Post, who’s still in prison, on a prison telephone, and Post warns him, “You’re about to walk barefoot through the gates of hell.”

The movie’s inspired by the novel Wonderland by Ace Atkins, who took over writing the Spenser book series after Parker died in 2010. 

Spenser Confidential streams on Netflix starting March 9.

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