Watch a pink-haired Justin Bieber chow down in “Yummy” video

RBMG/Def Jam

Justin Bieber dropped his new single “Yummy” on Friday, and now we’ve got the video to match.

In the clip, Justin rocks a pink hoodie and pink hair to match, as he walks through the kitchen of a fancy restaurant and then sits down at a table.  The rest of the clip finds him joined by a variety of odd-looking people, as they all eat a strange collection of food, only some of which looks edible.

Towards the end of the clip, the lighting in the restaurant goes dark, Justin strips down to a pink tank top, and he and everyone else gets on top of the tables to perform some choreography.  The video ends with everyone disappearing except for one old guy in the background, leaving Justin sitting alone at the table, where all the food is now picked over and half-eaten.

The final shot is a piece of cake on a plate; then the cake disappears to reveal the plate underneath: It’s decorated with a photo of a young, smiling Justin and the word “Yummy.”

“Yummy” is the first single from Justin’s new album, which doesn’t yet have a title or release date.

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