Washington State Declares End Of Wildfire Season

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington State’s Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz, Friday declared the end of the 2022 wildfire season, “That does not mean that we won’t still see some sporadic fire activity for the remainder of the year.”

But, she says the season was a success for the state, “To date, this year, just 140,000 acres have burned. That’s the fewest number of acres in a decade.”

She says that’s thanks to fewer ignitions, new strategies, and more resources, ” The House Bill 1168 provided DNR with new crews, new and modernized equipment, increased resources for local fire districts…and a long term commitment to making our state more resilient to wildfire.”

She says the declaration also comes thanks to the weather, “Rains have fallen across portions of Eastern Washington, temperatures are moderating and moistures are returning to fuels on both sides of the cascades.”

Crews are still working on the Bolt Creek Fire.