Source: YouTube

There’s a video circulating on Tik Tok with over 20 million views within hours of two zookeepers caught in the gorilla enclosure at the Fort Worth zoo. This happened last October, but the security guard who took the video just posted it. Due to zookeeper error, the two entered unaware the gorilla was still in the enclosure.


@ben306069 Shocking moment two keepers where left in an enclosure with Elmo a male silverback at the fort worth zoo #shocking #fortworthzoo #silverback #scary #zoo #zookeeper #gorilla #fyp #fortworth #elmothegorilla #exposed #coverup ♬ original sound – Ben306069

Fortunately nobody was hurt and in fact, the gorilla got the bucket she dropped and took it over placing it near the door as if to say “You forgot this”.