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Paul Hocheder went viral on TikTok after his granddaughter, Gabby, posted a video of him on campus for his first day of class with his new Adidas basketball shoes and new backpack! Paul, a prospective freshman at Carroll Community College, says he wants to major in history. 

@yogabbagabba1993 My 90 year old grandfather started college today! #90andstillgoing #collegefreshman #backtoschool ♬ original sound – Mclovin

Paul actually went to the University of Maryland and graduated in 1960 after serving in the military for 7 years.  But he wanted to keep his mind active and wanted to see what he may have missed or what has changed. Paul said on his second day, he answered one question then kept his mouth shut LOL! He says going to classes has reinvigorated him and makes him feel young again.

@yogabbagabba1993 The 90 year old freshman update! I mean how cute is he! Pappy got a new backpack and fresh adidas basketball shoes! #90andstillgoing #collegefreshman #backtoschool #90yearoldfreshman ♬ original sound – Gabby