FilmMagicWheel of Fortune co-host Vanna White shared some encouraging news on her longtime friend Alex Trebek’s battle with stage IV pancreatic cancer.

“He’s doing good. He really is,” White recently told Us Weekly. “He looks good. I talked to him recently and he’s got a very positive attitude.”

The 62-year-old White, who’s currently filling in for her Wheel of Fortune co-host Pat Sajak while he recovers from emergency surgery for a blocked intestine, tells the magazine that she particularly admires the way Trebek is “honest and open with his fans.”

“He is definitely keeping everybody updated on how he’s doing, and I am so proud of him. He’s still working, he’s obviously doing chemotherapy but working through it, and has that strong will to, as we say, the show must go on,” she adds.

Trebek, 79, announced his cancer diagnosis in March, saying in a video message that he was determined to “fight this and…keep working.”  He underwent chemotherapy and returned to work in August, but revealed on Good Morning America a month later that he had to “undergo chemo again.”

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