Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here are some great ideas for not only celebrating your significant other, but everyone in your life!

This YouTuber has some awesome ideas (having a family of 6) on how to include your kids and even neighbors!

For even more help, here are five last, last, last minute Valentine’s dates you can still pull off with one trip to a store on the way home or less:

  1. Romantic walk through a park, then going out for dessert.
  2. Getting matching tattoos together. (Maybe…or maybe not. This could be the beginning of the end LOLOL!)
  3. Ironic fast food date where you both dress up fancy and bring a tablecloth and silverware into the restaurant.
  4. Buy a sushi-making kit and ingredients for a sushi prep date.
  5. Turn your place into a “spa” with candles and the right music, then give them an hour massage.  They will no longer care that you didn’t take them to a fancy restaurant.