Universal Pictures(LOS ANGELES) — Me-owch. CATS is no longer a major awards contender, at least according to Universal Pictures.

The studio, still licking its wounds after a brutal critical roasting over the big-budget, all-star adaptation’s effects led to a dismal box office opening, has deleted it from Universal’s “For Your Consideration” splash page on its website.

The sites are used to remind voters for the Oscars and other awards about a studio’s best of the year — but CATS was omitted, leaving other Universal Pictures to be featured as contenders, like the lauded 1917, Oscar-winner Jordan Peele’s horror hit Us, the crime drama Queen and Slim, and others.

Despite its critical and commercial drubbing, CATS has secured a handful of awards nominations.  They include a Golden Globe for Best Original Song for the Taylor Swift-Andrew Lloyd Webber original composition “Beautiful Ghosts,” and a Golden Reel Award nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing — Musical for Feature Film.  And in light of news that Universal sent theaters a new version of the film with updated visual effects, after it was released, it might seem ironic that CATS also made the short list for the year’s best visual effects at the upcoming 92nd Academy Awards. 

As of Tuesday, CATS had earned about $7.99 million domestically and $4.1 million overseas, for a total worldwide gross of about $12 million, against a production budget of $95 million, not including marketing.

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