Source: YouTube

Bloomington, IN and Cincinnati, OH are among the first cities to test out Uber rides for teens. It’s set up through a family account and is for teens 13-17. While this might be a huge help to busy families with multiple kids that need to get to a myriad of after-school activities, the idea of putting your child in the car with a stranger still raises concerns.

Uber is answering those concerns with several steps, starting with only seasoned drivers making the pickups and needing a pin from the teen before the ride. Parents can track the trip in real time, and there’s even an option to have a voice recording made of the trip. Teens cannot change the destination and if the trip goes off course or stops for too long, Uber will call the driver and possibly 9-1-1.

What do you think of the idea?  Will you try it if they roll out here?