Marion Curtis/StarPix (NEW YORK) — Tyrese Gibson is flexing his Fast and Furious acting chops in a different way for his new film Black and Blue.

In the cop thriller, Gibson plays Mouse, a convenience store owner who reluctantly helps a police officer who is framed for murder by a group of corrupt cops. Gibson tells ABC Audio that he has exceptionally high hopes for the project.

“I just know specifically that I’m a part of a movie that’s going to be a classic,” Gibson says.

“It’s going to be a movie that’s shedding light on something that we live everyday,” he continues, referring to police brutality and corruption. “It’s also one of the movies that give people permission — and I say that loosely– it gives people permission to care about something that they normally don’t care about. It’s like, ‘Man, it’s really sad to see what they are dealing with.’”

Although the fast-paced thriller — which also stars Naomie Harris, who plays the rookie cop on the run — touches on timely and important themes, Gibson wonders why more of these types of film aren’t being made.

“I’m a part of a movie that Hollywood don’t want to make,” Gibson says. “Because they’re just always on edge like they wanna touch on When They See Us. But then again, they don’t.”

“Because why hasn’t ten other movies been announced after When They See Us?” he asks. “That’s touching on corruption, cover up, police brutality, rather it happened back in the day or [now].”

Thankfully, Gibson says his film will help to fill that gap.

“It’s going to be a movie that matters to the past and present,” he says with confidence. 

Black and Blue, also starring Nafessa Williams and Mike Colter, is now in theaters.

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