Source: YouTube

Here’s an interesting fun fact: Tyra Banks had never had an alcoholic beverage until she turned 50!  She talked to People along with other famous ladies hitting that milestone about what they love about aging and misconceptions. And she revealed late last year was her first sip of an alcoholic drink! But it doesn’t sound like there will be any more.

She was in Australia with her family, saying “We took a seaplane, had a meal in the middle of nowhere. I even had an alcoholic drink for the first time! It wasn’t worth it. I was like, ‘This is nasty!’”

And that number isn’t slowing her down.  “I thought I would have little glasses and just have a quilt on my lap and watch soap operas all day. I was wrong. What my life is like now is totally different than what I thought. I’m poppin’. I am not insecure about myself. It feels real good.”