Source: YouTube

A groom stopped his wedding ceremony at the altar for “one more vow” which he emotionally dedicated to his beloved stepson. Katrel Ortiz is the 35-year-old groom in this video who has been in nine-year-old Adrian’s life since he was six years old. He met his bride, Adrian’s mom Genesis, ten years earlier in college.  The two reconnected in 2020 and right away Adrian took to Katrel, even giving him a nickname, ‘Big Bird’, which he still uses today.

When the world was in lockdown, Adrian – who is known as ‘Little Bird’ to Katrel – had a lot of time to start bonding with his new stepdad, staying inside and playing card games, board games, and indoor sports. All of that time formed that father-son relationship, so by the time it was Katrel and Genesis’s big day, Katrel decided he needed to incorporate his new stepson in the ceremony. His bride was surprise too, when Katrel read “A Promise To My Son,” while fighting back tears. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as he emotionally told Adrian he taught Katrel how to be a dad!