Portland, Ore. – Some Trimet riders should get to work and school a little faster now, after some new changes were made over the weekend. Monday will be the first weekday that some bus lines are running more often. Like the number 76 in Beaverton and Tualatin, which now runs every 15 minutes.
Speaking at a news conference Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle thanked Trimet for bringing the new frequent service bus line to the Beaverton Transit Center, which is the busiest in the system. He added he’s proud they’re adding more ways for people to come and go on the westside, because residents there “have to feel connected.”

On the Eastside the number 20 bus line that serves Burnside and Stark, is also running every 15 minutes now. Trimet’s made a few other new changes like doing away with some MAX stops in Downtown Portland, to speed up trips.

Read more from Trimet:

TriMet bus and train rides will get faster and more convenient, with spring service improvements that start on March 1st. We’re making it easier to catch the bus on our Line 20-Burnside/Stark and Line 76-Beaverton/Tualatin, as we add them to our Frequent Service network. We’re adjusting Line 78-Beaverton/Lake Oswego so that it serves more neighborhoods on the west side, with buses on weekends, plus earlier and later trips. For the first time in TriMet history, we’re consolidating MAX stations, for a faster ride through Downtown Portland. Several popular routes — Line 4-Fessenden, Line 17-Holgate/Broadway and Line 70-12th/NE 33rd — will get adjustments to speed up trips and avoid traffic congestion, plus we’re updating schedules on buses, trains to reduce wait times and improve transfers. Read More Here

Highlights of March 1 service improvements


– Frequent Service for Lines 20-Burnside Stark and 76-Greenburg/Hall (new name!)

– Route adjustment on Line 78-Denney/Kerr Pkwy (new name!) will bring more service to Washington County (This route will take over the current route of Line 42-Denney/Hall, which will be retired.)

– Route adjustments to avoid congestion and speed up trips on lines 4-Fessenden, 17-Holgate/Broadway and 70-12th/NE 33rd

– Schedules adjustments on additional bus lines for faster trips, shorter waits and easier transfers

– Consolidation of stops at Beaverton Transit Center for easier transfers and to accommodate new Frequent Service lines


– Schedules adjustments on all five MAX lines for faster trips, shorter waits and easier transfers between trains and buses

– Closure of Kings Hill/SW Salmon, Mall/SW 4th Ave and Mall/SW 5th Ave MAX stations to help riders move faster through Downtown Portland