WAVE3 – In the middle of helping with storm clean-up in his hometown of Milton, Ky., a Trimble County High School (TCHS) student named Brett Liter, a junior, decided to turn to his skills for a big proposal! He cranked up his grandpa’s tractor from 1971 and hooked up the till, driving just over the hill to his grandpa’s field to make quick work of his big idea. He won a Kentucky FFA competition for the best tractor driver in the state; but that didn’t make it any less intimidating.  In about 40 minutes, Liter tilled up dirt to spell out the word “prom” in big, bold letters. Then he brought his date, Matelyn Smith, to the ridge of the hilltop overlooking the field and she said, “I almost cried.” In a good way…she said yes! 

He said, “If she would have said no, I would have been out there plowing until midnight to get it covered it up.” The picture of his work got more than 10,000 shares on TikTok in a matter of hours and hundreds more on social media in his hometown.