Source: YouTube

Golden Dog Farm in Jeffersonville, Vermont has gone viral and now become a tourist destination…because of a “happy” of Golden Retrievers. Doug and Becca Worple started doing “happy hour” playdates with tons of Goldens and people have been coming in droves.

The cost is $75 for an hour and a half with the Goldens. They don’t own all the dogs but rent them in partnership with the owner of Butternut Goldens, who brings them over for the play dates.

We the pandemic hit in 2020, they bought an RV and left Cincinnati traveling to figure out their next move. That’s when they saw a truckload of the Butternut Goldens and took that as a sign. They bought the 275 acre farm in 2020 with little farming experience. They beekeep, sell honey and have a vineyard on the property and it’s gorgeous.