ABC/Craig SjodinWhat’s it like to spend the holidays with Katy Perry?  If you imagine it involves glamorous parties with people dressed to the nines, enjoying the the finest food and wines, and unwrapping pricey gifts, think again: It’s actually a bunch of people screaming at each other.

Katy gave fans a look at some family fun on Instagram when she posted a video of them playing the popular board game Taboo.  Her fiance Orlando Bloom is screaming at the top of his lungs at several other members of her family, who are all screaming back at him. 

Specifically, Orlando keeps screaming “Too late! Too late!” — and since Taboo is a timed game, it must mean someone gave their answer after time ran out.  At one point, a woman yells at Orlando — jokingly, we hope — “First of all, you’re from a different country!  Do you even have a visa to be here?”

“happy holidays with the fam,” Katy captioned the video.

Katy already revealed that she and her family were all taking a vacation together somewhere snowy, so perhaps the knock-down-drag-out screaming match took place at a ski lodge somewhere.

happy holidays with the fam ♥️

— KATY PERRY (@katyperry) December 29, 2019

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