Source: YouTube

There’s been a lot of talk about Jennifer Lopez’s career and how it’s TANKING.  Her new album “This Is Me . . . Now” underperformed, and she’s had to cancel several tour dates due to low ticket sales. So what’s causing all this? 

One brand expert says it started in 2022, with the Super Bowl documentary “Halftime”, where J-Lo griped about having to share the stage with Shakira.  “Her grievance about it wasn’t expressed eloquently and made her seem unlikable.”

Also, “In the shadow of beloved and long-suffering Jennifer Garner, much of the imagery we have seen from J-Lo has been mundane:  car rides with Ben, curbside arguments, fast food takeaways.  Often looking miserable. This has shattered the fourth wall, one which we’d all bought into.  We didn’t want her to be a normal person.”

What do you think?  Has she let fans in TOO much?