Source: YouTube

The oldest person in the United States is getting ready for another big birthday, #116 on February 5! 

Edie Ceccarelli has lived at a senior center for the last 9 years in Willits, California, and she is the second oldest individual on the planet. They are planning a drive-by parade this weekend for Edie. Neighbors have done this for several years and she loves it! Inside Edition featured her 115th birthday last year!

Edie was born in Willits in 1908. At the time, Theodore Roosevelt was president of the United States.  She is the eldest of seven siblings…graduated in 1927 and married her first husband, Elmer, in 1933. After he passed in 1984, she then married Charles who passed in 1990. Although she no longer has the memory and awareness she once enjoyed, but her family says she loves to eat good food, and enjoys being neatly dressed and ready to face each day!