Michael Yarish/Netflix(NEW YORK) — Season two of The Kominsky Method arrives Friday on Netflix and centers around Michael Douglas’ character, acting coach Sandy Kominsky, who is becoming more and more forgetful — a problem Douglas himself is starting to experience.

Douglas tells ABC Audio that memorizing his lines is getting tougher as he gets older.

“It’s really hard, particularly at this kind of pace,” explains the 75-year-old actor. “It’s part of something makes you very nervous.”

Before signing on to the series, Douglas had mostly been known for his dramatic movie roles.  Now that he’s starring in a comedy series, he thinks comedy is tougher and deserves more recognition.

“Comedy never gets enough respect,” really, he says. “You know, we all cherish that funny friend that we’ve got. So it’s a rare quality. And yet when it comes award seasons, the Oscars never seem to acknowledge or a good comedy. You know, it should. Is a lot more difficult.” 

Also on Season two of The Kominsly Method, Sandy will meet his daughter’s new boyfriend, played by Paul Reiser, who is uncomfortably close to Sandy’s age. Meanwhile, Sandy’s close pal Norman, played by Alan Arkin, will will rekindle a romance with an old flame, portrayed by Jane Seymour, after fifty years.

Nancy Travis and Sarah Baker co-star. 

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