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The Jonas Brothers Share “The Side Effects Of Forming A Band With Your Brothers” On ‘The Late Late Show’

The Jonas Brothers continued their takeover of CBS’ The Late Late Show on Wednesday, this time to share the side effects of forming a band with your brothers.

The sketch was part of Late Late Show host James Corden‘s recurring “Side Effects May Include” segments, in which various celebrities list the downsides of their particular occupations.

In this case, side effects of starting a band with your brothers may include:

— Staggering the years you go through puberty so someone can always hit the high notes.

— Fighting on the road and hearing your dad say, “I swear I will turn this tour bus around right now.”

— Writing a song about how annoying your brothers are, but having to save it for your very, very successful solo album.

— Being able to call your Verizon family plan a business expense.

— Not being able to make “yo mama” jokes when you’re fighting.

— Reuniting because you and your brothers spend so much time together anyway, so you might as well make a bunch of money off of it.

Corden and the Jonas Brothers then rattled off a list of side effects related to getting the band back together, which included:

— Asking your bandmates if it’s cool playing one of your very, very successful solo songs.

— Telling your bandmate, “No, it’s not cool.”

— Still having tons of minivans outside the venues, but now your fans are driving them.

Former One Direction band member Harry Styles previously joined Corden during his 2017 Late Late Show residency to list the side effects of starting a solo career. 

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