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The Jonas Brothers Admit They Didn’t Think They Would Ever Reunite

While the Jonas Brothers are now back and better than ever, there was a point during their hiatus where they didn’t think it would be possible to ever reunite.

In an interview with CBS This Morning set to air Sunday, Nick, Joe and Kevin open about just how deep the rift between them got.

“I checked out in my mind that — that was it. There’s going to be no more brothers ever,” Joe admits.

Nick adds, “And I feared that, you know, they would never speak to me again.”

It was ultimately Nick’s idea to call it quits back 2013, but he notes, “To call it creative differences is almost too simple.”

Nick says that people’s appetite was starting to wane for what they were putting out, and they were making music they weren’t “super proud of.”

“And so I had a very tough conversation with them where I laid it out for them,” he says. “I said, ‘You know, I feel like the Jonas Brothers should be no more, and we should go on individual journeys.’ And it didn’t go so well.”

They were eventually able to come together again, with the process of making their new documentary, Chasing Happiness, acting as a catalyst for them to work out their issues.

“I think…we definitely were supposed to go through all of what we went through to get to this point, definitely,” Joe says. “I think it was…I guess you could say destiny, whatever it may be, but yeah, we got a do-over, and I think this time around we’re going to do it right.”

Their new album, Happiness Begins, comes out June 7, while the doc premieres on Amazon Prime June 4.

CBS This Morning airs Sunday at 9 a.m. ET.

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