(LOS ANGELES) — The folks behind Honest Trailers, which take a comedic view at coming attractions new and old, have focused their skewed view on this year’s Oscar contenders. 

Bohemian Rhapsody, is “brought to you by…er…a director” — poking fun of the persona non grata status of director Bryan Singer in the wake of sexual accusations against him. Meanwhile, the movie itself is celebrated as a tribute to “wigs and teeth.”

The Favourite, a period drama about England’s 18th century queen, Anne, is called the “other Queen biopic, that’s also about a difficult charismatic figurehead and the people who jockey for power around them.”

For Green Book, Viggo Mortensen’s character is compared to “one of the cartoon Italian chefs on the pizza box,” and the message of the film is described as, “Racism…now stay with me…is bad.” 

BlackKKlansman, from Best Director nominee Spike Lee — “yes, the guy at the Knicks games” — is described as a portrayal of racism in the past that “still relevant today…and really puts a damper on re-runs of That 70s Show” — thanks to Topher Grace’s portrayal of Ku Klux Klan member David Duke.

The oft-remade A Star is Born is described as a “film that comes along once in a generation — literally, like once in a generation since 1937.”

Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma, about a middle-class Mexican family and their maid, is described as a “sweeping, emotional” film, “that got Academy voters to wonder if their housekeepers were actual people.”

Other jabs: notoriously fickle comic book fans griping that Infinity War should have gotten a Best Picture nomination over Black Panther, and that Vice nominee Christian Bale has gone from “skinny, to fat, to Bat” on the big screen.

You can watch the whole thing now on YouTube.

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