ABC/Francisco Roman(LOS ANGELES) — The special two-night The Bachelor event concluded on Wednesday with Peter and the remaining ladies heading to Chile, where two will square off for the right to stay in the competition.

First, Hannah Ann’s commitment to marriage comes under scrutiny during the first one-on-one date when the 23-year-old model reveals that she’s never been in love before.  When he asks Hannah if she’s “100 percent ready” to make a lifetime commitment, she seems to be telling him what he wants to hear, instead of what’s in her heart.  Sensing his disappointment, she finally opens up, assuring Peter that she’s starting to fall in love with him.  It’s what he wants to her from Hannah, and he gives her the date rose.

Back at the villa, Mykenna, vents her frustration once more of getting constantly passed over for a one-on-one date and fears that Peter doesn’t see anything in her.  She also threatens to quit the competition. 

A group date includes Sydney, Natasha, Kelsey, Victoria P., Madison, Tammy, Kelly and Mykenna, who star in their own telenovela, a Latin-American drama called, “El Amore de Pedro.”  In the scripted drama, it’s Mykenna who wins Pedro’s heart, and suddenly, the Canada native, who just a night earlier was ready to call it quits, is now on cloud nine.

It’s a different story for Victoria P., who is sent home after learning that she is more confident in their relationship than he is.

Meanwhile, a new battle heats up between Tammy, who calls out Mykenna’s mood swings and deems them “immature.”  Tammy then brings into question whether the 22-year-old is ready for an adult relationship.  Peter happens to overhear the two arguing and decides “enough is enough.”  To have things settled once and for all, he has them square off in an impromptu two-on-one date. 

After hearing both ladies’ tell their sides of the story, Tammy is sent packing.

Elsewhere, another one-on-one date goes to Victoria F, a second for the 25-year-old sales rep from Virginia.  She and Peter spend a fun day together, learning how to train horses from a real Chilean horseman — or huaso, as they’re known locally — and enjoying a rodeo.  The laughs turn to tears though when Victoria reveals her fears over the possibility of a future with Peter, leaving him worried she might end up breaking his heart.  In spite of his fears, he offers her the date rose, which she accepts.

That brings us to another rose ceremony, and with the field now paired down to eight, Peter’s choice is harder than ever.  Sydney and Mykenna are devastated to learn they’re being sent home, the latter of whom only a short time earlier felt confident about her position in the competition.

The six remaining women after week four are:

Hannah Ann, 23, a model from Knoxville, TN
Kelley, 27, an attorney from Chicago, IL
Kelsey, 28, a professional clothier from Des Moines, Iowa
Madison, 23, a foster parent recruiter from Auburn, AL
Natasha, 31, an event planner from New York, NY
Victoria F., 25, a medical sales representative from Virginia Beach, VA

The Bachelor returns Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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