‘The Bachelor’ recap: An emotional three-on-one-date leads to another shocking elimination

(LOS ANGELES) — ABC/Francisco RomanOn Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, Peter and the six remaining ladies travel to Lima, Peru, but with the hometown dates around the corner, the pressure is mounting on him and the women, as only four will move on.

After a heart-to-heart video chat with his mom, Peter decides to pay a surprise visit, where he asks the girls to seriously think about whether or not they see themselves as his “future wife.”

The first one-on-one date goes to 23-year-old Auburn, Alabama native Madison, who, after a day of exploring the fishing village of Pucusana, the two reveal that they are falling in love with each other.  If you recall, Madison met Peter’s family and watched his parents renew their wedding vows on their first one-on-one date, and next week, Peter will get a chance to meet her family.

Natasha, the only lady who has yet to score a one-on-one date with Peter finally gets her wish, as the two spend a fun day at the Plaza de Armas, the birthplace of Lima and the city’s cultural center.  He confesses to her that she’s been the one who has shown him “more sides” of herself “than any other woman” in the competition, and her ability to “call it as she sees it” is something he finds attractive.  True to form, she doesn’t mince words and says that while she feels a connection to him, she wants to know how he feels about her before she makes a commitment.  Explaining to the camera that he sees his relationship with Natasha as more of a friendship than a romance, he sends her home.

Kelsey is the recipient of the last one-on-one date, which has her and Peter hopping aboard a pair of ATVs for a thrilling ride in the Peruvian mountains.  She’s excited at the prospect of him meeting her family, but has a little secret to reveal first.  Kelsey has recently reconnected with her estranged father after 10 years, but her mother doesn’t know.  She warns him that things could get awkward if her father comes up in conversation.  Citing her “strength” and “grace,” Peter offers her the date rose, exclaiming, “We’re going to Iowa,” Kelsey’s home state.

Finally, Kelley, Hannah Ann and Victoria face off against each other in a three-on-one date to determine which two will land the final hometown date.  Peter escorts them to a 250-year-old hacienda with, appropriately enough, a beautiful chapel.  Hannah Ann offers Peter a list of reasons why she’s starting to fall for him.

Kelley is next, and after surveying the competition, she is feeling pretty confident. She snags Peter for a private conversation, which only makes her more confident she’ll bring him back to her hometown.  “Give me a rose and let’s just continue this journey and have fun, Peter,” she says, addressing the camera.  “Chop, chop, let’s go,” adds an exuberant Kelley.

Next up is Victoria, who doesn’t mask her displeasure when Peter brings up their last one-on-one date, where she revealed her fears over the possibility of a future with him.  It sparks a minor argument, during which he accuses her of “pushing him away” and she admits that it’s due to her fear of coming this far in the competition and losing him.  He assures her that he would never “string you along or lead you on in any way.”  Afterwards, she’s “mortified” over the conversation.

After rejoining the other ladies, Peter asks to speak with her alone, leaving all convinced Victoria will be going home.  Victoria is shocked and relieved when he offers her one of the two roses, explaining, “I don’t mind a little ‘crazy.’”

It’s now down to Kelley and Hannah Ann, and, in a surprising twist, it’s Hannah who ends up with the final rose.  Kelley, whose journey began with a chance encounter between her and Peter shortly before the competition, leading both to believe a relationship was in the stars, is sent packing.

Here are the four remaining women:

Hannah Ann, 23, a model from Knoxville, TN
Kelsey, 28, a professional clothier from Des Moines, Iowa
Madison, 23, a foster parent recruiter from Auburn, AL
Victoria F., 26, a medical sales representative from Virginia Beach, VA

The Bachelor continues Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.