The 15 Funniest #StayHomeBand Names

With coronavirus on everybody’s mind these days, Twitter decided to retool a bunch of band names for these stuck-at-home times. Below are xx of the funniest suggestions:

  1. Pandemic! at the Disco
  2. Off the Street Boys
  3. Red Hot Covid Peppers
  4. Mike Pence None the Richer
  5. Stevie Wonder When I’ll Go Outside Again
  6. Barry Manalone
  7. JamiroQUIET! I’m in a Zoom Meeting!
  8. One Infection
  9. Purell Williams
  10. The Indoors
  11. No Cure
  12. Pearl Jammies
  13. Billy Idle
  14. Jimmy Eats Everything in the Pantry
  15. Depressed Mode