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Taylor Swift Reveals Her New Cat, Hinted At In New “ME!” Video; Plus All The Other Easter Eggs

In one scene in her new video for “ME!”, Taylor Swift and Panic! at the Disco singer Brendon Urie are sitting on a rooftop. He offers her flowers; she shakes her head. He offers an engagement ring; she frowns. But when he hands her a black-and-white kitten, her face lights up with joy.  Turns out that scene was inspired by real life: Taylor’s got a new cat.

In an Instagram post on Friday, Taylor poses with her new furry friend, who’s black and white, just like the feline in the video.  The caption reads, “And then there were three.”  So far, no name. Taylor’s other two cats, Meredith and Olivia, appear in the video as well, in the opening scene.

And speaking of the opening scene, the BBC reports that it appears to be a callback to Panic! at the Disco’s video “But It’s Better If You Do,” which, like the “ME!” video, opens with a scene of a couple arguing in an apartment. The BBC also runs down all the other references in the clip:

-A snake in the first shot explodes into butterflies, signifying Reputation-era Taylor has been replaced by new-era Taylor.

-A Christmas tree in the shot where Taylor and Brendon are arguing in their apartment may refer to the fact that Taylor grew up on a Christmas tree farm.

–As Taylor sings, “There’s a lot of cool chicks out there,” she walks past pictures of chickens wearing sunglasses — but there’s also a framed portrait of the country group The Dixie Chicks.  Rumor has it that they appear on Taylor’s upcoming album.

–Brendon walks past a clock showing the time as 8:30, which fans interpret as the release date of her album: August 30.

–The French conversation, dance sequences, pastel colors and umbrellas may refer to two ’60s movies by Jacques Demy: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and The Young Ladies of Rochefort.

–In the scene where Taylor’s sitting on a rooftop wearing a pink dress, you can see the word “Lover” spelled out in pink neon.  Fans believe that’s the title of another single.

–The scene where Taylor rejects the engagement ring Brendon offers her is being interpreted by fans as Taylor’s way of saying that she and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn aren’t getting engaged, despite reports.

–Fans believe the lyric “Hey kids, spelling is fun!” refers to the fact that Taylor won her elementary school spelling bee.

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