Valheria RochaEver wonder why Taylor Swift decided to share all the behind-the-scenes drama of her career — including the fight over her masters and her feud with Scooter Braun — so publicly?  It’s because she can.

Speaking to the U.K. publication Music Week, Taylor says any company she does business with must accept the fact that “with me, come opinions about how we can better our industry.”

“I’m one of the only people in the artist realm who can be loud about it, ” she explains. “People who are on their fifth, sixth or seventh album, we’re the only ones who can speak out, because new artists…need to work. They need to be endearing and likeable…”

So, Taylor says, “it’s up to the artists who have been around for a second,” like her, to warn others how easy it is to get ripped off.

“That’s the only reason that I speak out about things,” Taylor continues, adding, “They don’t have to sign stuff that’s unfair to them. If you don’t ask the right questions and you sit in front of the wrong desk in front of the wrong person, they can take everything from you.”

As for sharing the drama with fans, Taylor explains, “I knew it was going to affect every aspect of my life and I wanted them to be the first to know.”

Taylor also tells Music Week that her album, Lover, is the proof that she can be happy and still write great songs.

“Our whole careers, people make jokes about how, ‘Just wait until you meet someone nice, you’ll run out of stuff to write about,’” she says.  “It’s so imperative for me as a human being that songwriting is not tied to my own personal misery. It’s good to know that! It really is!”

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