Universal PicturesSeveral of the actors who are starring in the upcoming movie musical Cats, like James Corden and Idris Elba, have spoken about how they went to “cat school” to prepare for their roles in the film.  In a new interview, another star of the movie, Taylor Swift, explains what goes on in that school.

Speaking to Zane Lowe for his new Apple Music Show, New Music Daily, Taylor says that while many viewers were startled by the Cats trailer because it showed the actors digitally transformed into eerily human-looking cats, she was super into it.

“They showed us this demo of this digital fur that they’re adding to us,” Taylor tells Lowe.  “And I was like,’Yes, amazing! I have whiskers! And a swishy tail!”

As for the cat school, Taylor explains, “So basically, you go and you watch these videos of cats. You watch them walking. You watch them sensing things. You learn facts about them anatomically, biologically. How do they sense things? What’s their gaze like?”

Taylor says she and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, who wrote the musical on which the movie is based, were able to bond quickly over their shared love of felines.

“I get called to rehearsal at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s house,” she tells Lowe. “[W]hen I meet him, he’s the best! He’s got more cats than I have. He’s obsessed with them. He has the best gossip I have ever heard…we’re just bros immediately.

As previously reported, Taylor and Lloyd Webber ended up co-writing a new song for one of the characters to sing in Cats. In addition, Taylor put a clip of an interview her Cats co-star James Corden did with fellow co-star Idris Elba on her album, Lover — it comes before the song “London Boy.”

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