ABC/Image Group LAThere are a bunch of female celebrities who we can all agree are gorgeous.  But who are the ones that are the most “perfect?”  A London plastic surgeon thinks he knows.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, one Dr. Julian De Silva has used computerized mapping techniques to compare the faces of famous female stars to the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty.  The “golden ratio” is actually a math term, but in this case, it has to do with faces with features that are most perfectly in proportion.

According to Dr. De Silva, Beyoncé is the number-two most physically perfect woman, while Ariana Grande is number four and Taylor Swift is number five.  Model Amber Heard is number three.

The good doctor claims that Bella Hadid is the number-one most physically perfect woman, because her face is 94.35% accurate to the golden ratio.  Harper’s Bazaar quotes him as saying that Bella “was the clear winner when all elements of the face were measured for physical perfection.”

According to the Daily Mail, the Golden Ratio is determined by three things. First, the length and width of the face is measured and the results are divided.  The ideal result is 1.6.

Then, you measure from the hairline to the spot between the eyes, from there to the bottom of the nose, and from there to the bottom of the chin. The more equal those numbers are, the more beautiful the person allegedly is.

Finally, the length of your ear has to be the same as the length of your nose, and the width of your eye should be equal to the distance between your eyes.

Get out that tape measure.

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