People/Miller MobleyThis year, People magazine couldn’t choose just one star for the cover of its annual “People of the Year” double issue — so it chose four.

Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez were among those singled out with their own covers, along with Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Obama.

“Our People of the Year issue celebrates the stars who have made an impact on our culture,” notes People Editor-in-Chief Dan Wakeford. “I wasn’t surprised that we ended up with an all-female foursome — this year has been dominated by strong women.”

Lopez “ticked every possible box as she turned 50 this year,” Wakeford says. “…Oscar buzz for Hustlers, which she co-produced; a blockbuster music tour; a beautiful family; an upcoming Super Bowl appearance…”

In the article, Lopez comments she’d also like to have more children. “I don’t know if it’s in God’s plan, but I’d like to try,” says the multi-hyphenate, who is engaged to former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez.

Wakeford says of Taylor, “2019 was arguably the year Taylor Swift found her voice. She stood up to protect her creative rights, spoke out for what she believed in…and…her album Lover became 2019’s bestselling record in just one week. Truly epic.”

“This is the first time I’ve been able to put out music that I feel is connecting with people, yet look back on everything I’ve made and feel a quiet sense of pride,” Taylor tells People in her cover story. “I’m proud of the things I’ve withstood, and I’ve been able to carve out a life for myself.”

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