Taylor Swift is the queen of putting Easter eggs — hidden messages and clues — in her videos, interviews and album artwork.  But her BFF Selena Gomez is doing her one better — by hiding Easter eggs in clothing.

Selena tells Glamour that her new Puma X SG spring collection — her second overall for the brand — is her most personal yet, and that’s why she’s inserted references to her hometown and more in the pieces.

According to Glamour, the references include the names and geographic coordinates of cities that are important to her, like her hometown of Grand Prairie, Texas, L.A., New York and the town in Germany where Puma is located.

There’s also an image of a semicolon, which is one of Selena’s tattoos. She and some cast members of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which she produces, got the ink because semicolons represent suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

In addition, the color palette of the collection was inspired by a photo she took in Grand Prairie of the sun setting.

“I thought it was absolutely breathtaking,” she tells Glamour. “I loved the colors and how they all kind of faded together. So I said, ‘How do we make these colors exist in the line?’ Because I just thought they were beautiful. We were able to take fragments of the colors and put that in.”

“Where I’m from was so important to me,” she adds. “What I love to do is show that I’m proud that I’m from Grand Prairie, and I’m proud of being a Texas girl.”

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