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Brooke and Jubal

Jubal Learns The Shoot Dance

How does it look like Jubal’s dance lessons are going?

Brooke Peels An Egg

Brooke saw a video about a cool way to peel an egg and decided to try it…

Jubal’s Got Jokes

Who else can relate?!

Jubal Learns How To Floss

Intern Kialani is a trained hip-hop dancer and JUbal has always wanted an arsenal of sick hip-hop…

Brooke’s Tuna Cam

Brooke brought 2 day old tuna that she transformed into a tuna melt with our work toaster…

Jubal Gets Serious About Fitness

Jubal saw your comments about how his belly looks in photos. In order to achieve his body…

Jubal’s New Hobby

Enjoy this compilation of a fun hobby of Jubal’s. Coughing loudly in public. Try it sometime. It’s…

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