Portland, Ore. — 39-year-old Allen Michael Singerhouse was  arrested  Novemeber 21st on several counts of Arson for the August 26th fire that started in a grass field across the street from Madison High School. This morning he was arraigned  on 5 counts of Arson in the first degree and 2 counts of arson in the second degree.  he pleaded Not Guilty to all of the charges.  A Multnomah county Grand Jury moved forward with an Indictment December 2nd.   Investigators say Singerhouse may still be connected to even more unresolved fires in the area.

That fire damaged three homes and two businesses and over 47 cars . According to court papers, Singerhouse is also accused of setting fires on the campus of Concordia University and outside a Michael’s Craft Store on NE Glenn Widing Drive on September 1st.Detectives identified Singerhouse using surveillance video from the fires and developed probable cause to search his residence and arrest him.  During the search, they found clothing that matched clothing worn by the suspect on video surveillance and multiple lighters.  Investigators also found two glass pipes consistent with methamphetamine use.