Sia is quite possibly Survivor’s number one fan.  She’s such a fan, in fact, that she awarded her favorite contestant $100,000 after he lost the competition.

During the reunion show Wednesday night following the season finale of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, Rick Devens was bestowed with the so-called “Sia Award.”

She tweeted, “Hey @RickDevensWGXA you played a killer game, maybe as dastardly as @BostonRob but with humor and vulnerability. I love you keep going!”

Devens, who came in fourth on the show, told Entertainment Weekly, “I was absolutely floored when it happened and I am still riding high from it.”

“Sia single-handedly took what was a very depressing night, watching my demise, and turned it around,” he continues. “My wife broke down in the front of the audience. She was going nuts.”

The singer’s generosity didn’t stop there. She tweeted at long-haired contestant Joe Anglim that if he cut off his hair and donated it to a children’s cancer wig making charity, she’d give him $15K. He cut off his hair, but told Sia to donate the $15K to charity.

Sia also tweeted at contestant Aurora McCreary, who was raised in foster care, and gave her $15K just for making it through the foster system.

This isn’t the first time she’s given prizes to Survivor contestants, either: Turns out, she’s been giving thousands of dollars away to various contestants on recent seasons of the show. Last season, she gave $14,000 to Davie Rickenbacker.

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