Source: YouTube

Survivor host Jeff Probst revealed that they are already planning something big for Season 50, including the cast being made up entirely of returning players. 

During a recent Survivor Q&A event Probst announced that Survivor 50 will start filming around Memorial Day 2025 to air in the spring of 2026. The way he rolled into it seems like maybe a sucker punch to the suits at CBS, or maybe that was the plan, but he said:

“I just got an idea,” “Survivor 50 is coming down the corner. The truth is, we really do focus on 47 and 48, that’s what we’re heading out to shoot next, and then we have to shoot 49. But we know 50 is coming, so I am curious, is there a feeling, should 50 be another season with new players and don’t make it a big deal?” The crowd of course yells “NO” and Probst continued:  “Or should it be returning players?”

 “In the spirit of, sometimes letting the game be in the hands of the fans, I feel like — and there are a couple of people from CBS right now going ‘Oh my God, what is happening?’ — I feel like we should just commit and make this the moment where we decide that Survivor 50 will be retuning players. I don’t know what is going to happen after this, but I’m pretty sure we’re committed.”

The show is currently airing season 46.