Super Bowl halftime show: It’s time to bet on Demi’s anthem, JLo’s set list and surprise musical guests

Courtesy Pepsi/NFLFor those of you who’ll be watching the Super Bowl strictly for the commercials and the halftime show, there’s a chance for you to get in on the betting fun, just like those sports nerds who are putting money on who’ll win the game, and who’ll be the MVP. Super Bowl music, fashion, special guests and more are all up for grabs on a number of online betting sites. is offering fun prop bets on stuff like whether or not Jennifer Lopez or Shakira will twerk during the halftime show — the odds on “yes” are 17/10, by the way. You can also bet if JLo’s ex-husband Marc Anthony will show up onstage during the halftime show, and how many times the camera will cut to her fiance, Alex Rodriguez.

Bovada is also offering odds on whether the following stars will make guest appearances onstage during halftime: Will Smith at 29/10, Gloria Estefan at 5/2, Enrique Iglesias at 5/1 and DJ Khaled at 7/4.  You can even bet if any of JLo’s former dance colleagues from In Living Color, the Fly Girls, will appear on stage.

Meanwhile, over at, you can bet on how long Demi Lovato will take to sing the national anthem. Odds on it being between one minute 55 seconds and two minutes are 1/2; less than one minute 55 seconds is 3/2. 

Here’s some information that may help you make that decision: According to, the last time four times she sang it, it ran 1:53, 1:49, 1:58 and 2:11.

And finally, you can bet on whether or not Meghan Markle will appear at the Super Bowl. Odds are 3/1 that she will, 2/3 that she won’t.

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