(NEW YORK) — July 4, 2019 is going to get pretty strange. That’s the date Netflix has set for the Stranger Things season three premiere.

Just as people on the East Coast were ringing in the new year, Netflix released a teaser-trailer for the show’s third season, set in the summer of 1985.

The clip begins with throwback footage of Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve, supposedly being broadcast on a local TV station in Hawkins, Indiana, where the show is set. As Clark counts down to 1985, the feed appears to be interrupted by a hacker. A black screen with green lettering displays a bunch of random characters, some of which are highlighted to reveal the ominous message, “WHEN BLUE AND YELLOW MEET IN THE WEST.”

A second interruption shows more computer jargon, and phrases such as “Welcome to Lynx Corp.” and “Run program SilverCatFeeds.exe,” among others

The feed then returns to the countdown, only this time, the picture slowly turns — wait for it — upside down. The scene changes once again, this time to a TV test pattern, followed by a fireworks display, then back to the computer screen, which reads, “ONE SUMMER CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING…”

Finally, a graphic reads, “July 4, 2019.”

A poster for Stranger Things season three, posted to the show’s official Twitter page Tuesday, shows the young cast members — including Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo and Noah Schnapp — watching fireworks.

What all this means is anybody’s guess, but we’ll find out when the third season of Stranger Things launches July 4.

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